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Some of the best moments in life happen around a table.

If you ask me where I’d rather be at almost any given moment, my answer would be – at a restaurant. There’s a restaurant for every mood and occasion, and I’ve always been the friend people call/write/text when they’re looking for the perfect restaurant recommendation.

Because I care on a personal level whether my clients succeed, I typically work with independently-owned restaurants whose owners still treasure connecting authentically with their customers. Because they are the busiest kinds of restaurateurs, they value reliable vendors who, to put it simply, do what they say they’ll do. My job is to produce cool creative that serves the purpose, and to go about it in a professional, friendly and organized way.

The Launch Package

The need for creative services begins from the minute you and your partners sketch out your first ideas on a napkin. You’ll want a full range of creative services and marketing smarts to ensure your new restaurant steps onto the stage with a brand that’s spotlight-worthy and ready to build customer loyalty. I provide:

  • Identity creation (naming, logo, brand expertise)
  • Domain research and internet marketing consultation
  • Website development
  • Social media, SEO and advertising consultation
  • Photography coordination

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List of Services