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The websites in this collection were done as individual projects, i.e. outside of a retainer agreement.

For other websites, please go here and here.

darlington marketing

A site for a colleague I respect and admire. Cyndi Darlington has helped some of my favorite San Diego companies PLUS she’s someone you can come to for fantasy football advice.

Cyndi Darlington Restaurant Marketing

the fifth element

A truly “custom website” is one that doesn’t start with a theme. This site, with its curved header and footer to echo the central shape of their logo as well as the oddly placed content areas, was one I built with a team of trusted coders.

My favorite part about this site is it highlights some of the best things about Newport, Rhode Island – hardy spirit drinkers and true sense of community.

united citrus

Another custom website I developed for a great company in Massachusetts. An abundance of curved lines (inspired by citrus fruit slices) drove my coders crazy, but the result is a bright, polished and easy to use website.


Consistently voted the best spa in Rhode Island, a visit to Spavana means, no matter what mood you’re in, you will be transported to your happiest, most tranquil place. I tried to capture this sense of deep calm in the design of their website.

An “almost custom” website, there are features on this website that most coders would not try, including a background image slider and content frames that scroll within an elaborately bordered area. The complex coding remains intact even after years of WordPress and plugin updates.

tracy & trixie's twisted truck stop

This. Name.

When a client with a name like theirs comes knocking on a designer’s door, she knows she’s about to have some fun.

All kidding aside, this is a site we’re developing for one of the best, most fun, easiest to love restaurant families in San Diego.

The Johnsons have been enlisting me to design for various concepts over the years, including Magnolia Authentic Southern Dining and their Its a Dogs World food truck. TTTTS is a sign of the times – a brick & mortar establishment made to provide food normally found at a food truck.

in development here