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smallest thing I’ve ever designed for print:

2″x2″ sticker

largest thing I’ve ever designed for print:

22′ wide wall of a¬†sportsbook bar

nobu hotel, lv

A sponsored In-Room Dining Guide for the luxurious Nobu Hotel in Las Vegas

. With the help of Moet Hennessy, Nobu Hotel chose a magazine style menu format that included featured cocktail recipes and QR codes that launched a video of the mixologist preparing it.

ignite creative services

A proposal for a marketing program at W Hotel, sponsored by Diageo brands

. Designers can feel schizophrenic sometimes, bouncing between styles many times throughout the day. These two menu inserts were two of three proposed concepts to be placed in bar menus at W Hotel, and they were stylistically different based on the bar’s identity and the promotional event.

. I’m a huge fan of art deco, so I especially enjoyed designing the Speakeasy event insert. Originally I had the woman holding a purple martini, but had to switch to a red mason jar drink because of the special menu. Darn those hipster mixology trends!

absolut ski

An event invitation for an ABSOLUT vodka trade event in Nevada

. I often like to mix flat and raster images to spark some visual interest. My favorite part of this piece is how the snowboarders’ silhouettes move across the page and seem to jump out toward the viewer.

patron for howl at the moon

A menu insert produced for a national bar/nightlife/entertainment company called Howl at the Moon

. Patron tequila sponsored this piece, and with a slogan like “Simply Perfect,” expectations were high.

. Often designers for the beverage industry are faced with limited resources for drink photos. The color and the glass/container should be considered. So when I had only one high resolution photo of the primary “drink bucket” concept, I reduced the display size as much as I could and spent hours photoshopping. Changes included adding a handle, re-coloring and extending straws, resolving lighting issues, and correcting the drink color while preserving the look of the ice.