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Giuseppe Restaurants & Fine Catering

the work : brand management, website design, menus, email marketing

Full disclosure: Giuseppe is a longtime friend who was the person who convinced me to work with restaurants. He needed help with a new restaurant that was barely breaking even. With some creativity and by taking advantage of technology, we had lines out the door within a month.

Since then, he has come to be a prominent restaurateur and caterer in San Diego. His catering is consistently on the A-list, and his successful restaurants are placed in some of the most landmark locations in the city. With all that growth, he’s needed every type of creative service under the sun, so the magnitude of projects for his company wouldn’t fit on this page. Here is kind of a “greatest hits” collection, if you will…


An overhaul of their website was sorely needed, as almost every image was contained in flash so no Apple devices could view them. We put together a modern, elegant, mobile-friendly site with no flash but plenty of gorgeous imagery. Since the company is highly active on social media, there are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest feeds woven throughout the site.

restaurant website san diego


“Mangia Bene e Vivi Meglio” was always Giuseppe’s sign off on his letters, so we incorporated it into his logo after the company’s 10th year anniversary. It translates as “Eat Well and Live Better.”


Overlooking San Diego’s best-known beach, La Jolla Shores, Caroline’s Seaside Cafe was built by UCSD for Scripps Institute. GRFC has operated it since its grand opening. With delicious espresso specialty coffees, breakfast, lunch and killer weekend brunch, Caroline’s measures up to the amazing view.

If I recall correctly, I designed this logo while I was still living in Rhode Island. There was about a foot of snow on the ground, so I found it particularly inspiring to imagine the warm beaches of my hometown.

Caroline's Seaside Cafe


Both Sonata Bistro and High Note Cafe are located in one of the Symphony Towers in downtown San Diego. They were both named with music in mind, so I designed the logos to be similarly music-inspired.

For those familiar with sheet music, forgive me for horizontally flipping the treble clef to make the capital S in the Sonata logo.


There isn’t always the luxury of white space with most menu designs. On this recent menu, I balanced the weight of text with a big bold title.


To date, we have delivered approximately 70 emails for Giuseppe’s email series, titled Giornale (“journal” in English). This one is a favorite because, after years of red, I got to use green!

The whole email can be seen here.