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Email Marketing

Email marketing is cost-efficient, powerful and flexible. It’s no wonder that restaurants use this marketing technique often.

So, yes I have seen my share of email designs. It would be impossible to choose just a few favorites out of the hundreds, so I limited them to recent designs (last 5 years), and chose a variety of styles.

wine dinner

Villa Capri Trattoria in Poway runs a popular wine dinner series. This invitation was for a dinner featuring Luca Wines from Argentina

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valentine's day

The best Indian food you’ll find in Las Vegas, and I would argue the best in this country. This email was prepared for Origin India’s annual Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac dinner.

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london calling

Origin India’s Win a Trip to the UK contest

*sigh* Designers can never enter the cool contests we promote. :(

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pucker up, buttercup

East of Eighth in Chelsea, New York City does Mother’s Day with sass.

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mother's day

Just like Indian Cuisine in London, this Indian Zest email blends modern with traditional.

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cooper, vp of barketing

At this point, I know you’re thinking, “Yes, but where are the swaggie dog emails?” because we think alike.

Let me introduce you to Cooper, jet-setter and luxury hotel aficionado. We love him so much we made him a badge. So of course he’d be wearing shades.

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turkey day

Mumbles Restaurant & Bar is a 40 year fixture in New York City. Family-owned businesses are an endangered species in Manhattan, so we’re proud to have worked with the Mumbles group of restaurants for 8 years.

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