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I’m Glynn Selesnick, purveyor of hard-working gorgeous design. Since 2000, I’ve been providing graphic design and marketing services to people in the restaurant and beverage industries.

I’ve been lucky to work with some global brands, I’ve also been very fortunate to help some fledgling companies grow. And though my work is always ready for the spotlight, my work style is pretty down-to-earth. more

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Specializing in the WordPress platform, I create small to medium user-friendly sites that comply with search engine best practices AND look great on mobile devices.


Whether all you have is an idea, or you’ve built a solid business foundation, your new logo is crucial to your brand. Choose a designer you trust to create your most valuable asset.


There is an over-abundance of digital imagery on mobile devices and computer. Though printed pieces are more expensive, they can create more impactful and memorable connections with your customers.


Brand management is clarifying your company’s values and understanding how your audience emotionally connects with your company. Good brand management is your best investment.

the work

deadlines. objectives. measurables.

Graphic designers would be artists were it not for these inescapable parameters. Flip the coin, and we might also be lost in the clouds without those very same restrictions.

Most designers start in school. I started with sheer gumption and naivete. It’s been my honor and pleasure to have created this work for these cherished clients.